Friday, April 18, 2008

Agility, Spiders, n other stuff

You'd never guess from this photo but Ginny is really good at dog agility. She started intermediate level last night and had a bang-a-rang time. She got the hang of the a-frame, tire, table, weave poles, and jumps right away. Her favorite thing that she understands what to tunnels. She'd rather do tunnels than anything else. If there are several jumps before the tunnel so much the better. What she doesn't like is the sea saw (teeter totter). She wasn't alone in her aversion to the thing. All of the other dogs in her class refused to stay on it as well. The trainers recommended that we lay a ladder down on the grass and practice with her walking across it. Get her used to where her feet go. We'll try. I don't blame the dogs. I always hated the sea saw as a kid. The other kid would always jump off when I was up in the air and I'd crash. Ouch!! The dogs don't seem to mind the motion as much as the banging. Natural to jump off in the middle.

It looks like the sale of Mother's house is going to close on April 30. That gives me a little over a week to finish my jobs there. Only three week end days with Danny to help move stuff into the storage room with his truck since we're going to Lakeland for Stephen and Casey's baby shower next Sat.. The pressure is on. I was so proud of myself yesterday. I actually tackled the walk in storage closet out in the 'bonus room' between the kitchen and carport. Had been putting it off for fear of encountering my arch enemy. For those who don't know...arachnids. Ya know, those eight legged horrors. Spiders.

Lions and tigers n bears are fine. At snakes and roaches I shrug. But, I'll jump up on the highest chair if a spider is down on the rug. That rhymes, I know. I know spiders eat bugs. I like bugs better. I know spiders are a vital part of nature. I don't care. I hate spiders. I saw Charlotte's Web. I don't care double. Spiders are not cute. If one talked to me, I'd still smash the nasty thing. The itsy bitsy spider was crawling all about. I saw him coming and gave a little shout. Down came my shoe and smashed him on the floor. Now, the itsy bitsy spider won't scare me anymore. So there.

Anyway, there weren't any you know whats in the closet. Just dust, Christmas decorations, a dog crate, my father's wheel chair, and a giant electric wok. That gave me the courage to face the last area to be cleaned out: the dreaded storage area off the carport. I've never been in there. Not in all the decades my parents lived in their house. I opened the door and peeked in. Looks like a lot of stuff to be gone over. Sigh. Please, just no dang spiders.

This week end we're planning to get the crazillions of Free Geek computers we've been storing at Mom's out of the bonus room, clear out the books (9 boxes) I'm giving to the library, move the rest of the stuff inside the house we're keeping to storage, and maybe with a little luck get crackin' on the carport stuff. Working every week end since New Year's except art festival week end on getting the house ready to sell and then clearing the house has been miserable. I'm so glad we're nearly done. I'll be glad as well to close the deal, settle the Estate, complete the organizing of Mom's things and get back to living my own life. To spend time with Baby Alex, finish the edits on my next book, continue the updates on my own house that I had to suspend last December, have time for Yoga and work outs, and cycling again!! I won't even mind jury duty...much.

Tonight, we're off to friend Karen's for pizza and to watch Danny fix her computers. Chili got her sutures out this afternoon but not her hat off yet. She tried to start a rumble with a Flat Coat Retriever in the vet's waiting room. She is a Hell dog. (Australian Cattle Dog=trouble) Anybody who has a cow that needs chased, let me know. She needs the outlet.


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