Saturday, April 12, 2008

of tykes, trials and tribulations

Here's two photos of our recent visitors, Sir Benjamin of Buford and his sister, Lady Alexandra the Fair. Danny has the cutest widdle nephews and nieces.

Today was a challenge in patience. Started out okay. After breakfast, Danny replaced a dozen rotten boards along the back fence while I walked the dogs but then the day seemed to go downhill from there. He was going to put the storage shed together we bought last night for the back yard but discovered the land sloped where he planned to put it. So, another trip to Lowes for concrete blocks, gravel and boards was in order.We planned to go to Mother's for more loads of stuff for storage first but somehow got a really late start. We accomplished one trip and planned one more before going to Lowes, but I wanted to stop home to check on Chili.

I'd put her in her crate just in case she and Ginny had another disagreement. I didn't put water in the crate since she always knocks it over and makes a mess and was concerned about her. We walked in the door and nearly passed out from the smell. She'd pooped in the cage...all over the cage and on the dog bed and towel. She was sitting in poop. She can't have a soap and water bath with stitches. She has long fur. You do not want any more of this story. Suffice to say, we didn't get back to Mother's for more clearing out which is unfortunate since I think we're behind schedule and on a deadline. But, life keeps happening. And I'm not putting Chili in the crate anymore. If she wants to pick a fight and get creamed, let her.

Anyway apres poop, I had to deal with some annoying stuff online regarding board nominations for a volunteer group I belong to. Used to be a great group with great camaraderie doing a great event. For the past year, a squabbling group of warring factions, bruised feelings, swollen egos, he said/she said, etc. Not fun anymore. Hurting the event, too. Many people say they are thinking of quitting. I tried to help with Nominations. I did it for two other groups this year which went smooth as silk. But not this one. The slate and election is apparently one more bone of contention in an overly contentious year. I'm over the whole thing. Done. Finis! Why does this always seem to happen in Volunteerism? I don't understand how people seem to forget the reason for doing the work is the event or the charity not their own personal agenda. I've seen it happen again and again. One reason why I do very little volunteering anymore. I just don't have the patience with the agendas and the egos. Oh well, rant over.

I'm gonna watch Jody Foster kick some butt in the film "The Brave One." Hopefully, tomorrow will be a smoother day. And there's still ice cream in the freezer. Ta.

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