Sunday, April 20, 2008

Progress Report

Well, my little bloggers, I can see the proverbial light at the end of the tunnel of Mother's house clear out...we worked most of the week end at it and got most of the bonus room/Free Geek storage area cleared out and successfully tackled the storage area off the carport as well. Yes, folks, we fought the dust and survived. Only one teensy weensie spider barely visable even to me too. My dad must have used the carport area as a work room at one time. It was a little sad, even after 15 years, to see his neatly hung pegboard with what now appears antique tools. Danny found an old hand lawn mower that still works and mowed a little of the lawn for fun. As far as treasures go, we found some wonderful antique chairs but they are in such poor condition that I don't think I will try to save them. An antique butter churn was falling apart, but the family cradle looks pretty good. Some dishes and pottery from Mexico, and an old copper washtub with lid are savable.

We reorganized the rental storage unit so we can bring the rest of the stuff over. Went to Lowes and bought some heavy duty adjustable steel shelving for the Free geek monitors and Danny assembled it...put half of the monitors on it. Took a few pieces of my furniture over from our garage too. I feel so much better. It looks like we will be ready for closing on the 30th at this rate. If I can get the stuff I'm giving away to Good Will dropped off and the nine boxes of books for the library, etc. Hard to do by myself when my hip hurts so much of the time.

We took some time off Friday night to visit with friends out on Lake Harney. We got lost about five times getting there, taking about an hour and wasting all sorts of gasoline. But we did enjoy our visit. Last night we went out for an Italian supper out rented the film There Will Be Blood. Amazing performance by amazing Daniel Day Lewis. No wonder he won the Oscar!

Tonight just after supper Chili had a major epileptic seizure. This one was a scary one, so, I finally gave in and put her on Phenobarbitol. She seems tired but so far so good. No adverse reaction to the meds. Here's hoping that it helps her.

Tomorrow, more work at the house. Its Danny's last class night of the semester. One class to go over the summer and he's finished the first IT degree. Then on to UCF. He's done well.

All for now. Ta.

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