Wednesday, April 23, 2008

My RX for back and hip pain

Yesterday, my left hip and low back hurt so bad that I felt crippled. I tried some stretching, lying down, a hot bath, a heating pad, and finally Ibuprofen. None helped. I could hardly turn over in bed. Could barely concentrate on anything. I was grumpy. I could walk, but if I sat down, getting up was excruciating. My concern, since I am a flaming hypochondriac, was sudden onset arthritis...with soon to follow broken hip...and doom. Ya know, that old chronic impending death syndrome. Runs in my family. My rational moments hope was that I'd done some muscle injury moving extremely heavy boxes when I've not been regularly working out for over a year and a half.

Well, after supper and after listening patiently to me moan and groan and watching me play with one of my mother's many canes and say, "Woe is poor little me", Danny suggested Yoga. We did 45 minutes of poses for hip, legs, and back. And guess what? Today I feel at least 80% better. Only a wee bit stiff and sore when I twist the waist. Getting up easier and much quicker. Slept like the proverbial baby too. Energized like the big pink bunny.

So, boys and girls, although this is a purely personal observation, I believe Yoga works to relieve pain and stiffness and muscle cramping! I am going to do it again tonight. Of course, if you haven't been lifting heavy boxes and steel shelving and you have sudden onset pain coupled with an inability to move I recommend a doctor visit.

On another tack: We moved another truck load of stuff to storage last evening. Earlier in the day, I took six heavy cartons of Mother's books to the library for donation. (Were in my car already) When I called the library, they said somebody would help me carry the books in. When I got there though, there was only one very elderly lady working in the used book store. I sighed. More back pain loomed ahead for me. Very fortunately, a man walking into the library volunteered to carry the books for me. Six whole boxes. Thank God for Good Samaritans. They still exist. I will pass the good deed on.


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