Friday, April 11, 2008

On and of little people

Here's some new Alex/Amy pictures and Alex with Auntie Laura and her friend Paul. I think Alex's gonna be a big boy...already going into six months clothes! And he's only three months old.

Speaking of little ones, we spent some interesting hours this week with Danny's brother (Mark), wife (Nichole) and cute as bugs copper haired children, four -year-old Ben and two-year-old Lexi. The family was in town for a Disney/ Universal vacation and to visit with us. Last night we took them out for Mexican food and I remembered what it was like to wear spatters of chocolate milk in my hair. (Straw Wars). Been a long time. I also forgot that rice can be eaten one grain at a time.

Ben is at the stage where he has a dozen questions a minute. An information sponge! Probably gonna grow up to be an actor, professor, or maybe...even a writer. Lexi is the quiet reflective analytical type. She was fascinated by Chili's wire crate. She figured out how to unlock it and crawled inside to nap on Chili's faux sheepskin bed. Ben got rascally and locked her in. When ready, she calmly reached out and unlatched it. Didn't cry for help. Didn't need it. An engineer's daughter.

Today, I caught up on sleep after being up pretty much all night the night before with Chili's Vet Clinic crisis. She is fine and manages quite well with the e collar. I think she's practicing to play Jai Alai with her ball.

I'm off to have Oreo ice cream and watch battle Star Gallactica. Live long and prosper, Earthlings.

PS: We extend out deepest sympathy to Elias, Amy and the entire Khoury family on the unfortunate and accidental death of Elias's first cousin, Eli Khoury last night.

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