Sunday, April 6, 2008


This is a Petscan of a headache. Not my head, you understand. My head would show lots more yellow, cause I have one Godzilla of a headache. Could flatten Tokyo. I've had it all friggin day and all friggin evening. I've taken Excedrin and Bufferin and several doses of allergy medication but nothing helps. My neck muscles are tighter than Madonna's abs and my eyes are swollen and feel like they might, with a little more encouragement, pop out of my skull like a champagne cork from a bottle. When I look in the mirror, I'm suprized that the dagger that I feel sticking in my left ear isn't actually there on this plane of reality.

It has rained all day and all evening, too. Rained most of yesterday and last night. We even lost electric power. Yesterday, with the approaching storm system and the fluctuating barometric pressure, my hip joints ached all day. This morning, I woke up with normal joints but in Headache Hell. It's gotta be the weather...all the mold, etc. Or maybe all the extra dust I breathed in all week packing up old stuff at Mother's and transporting it to storage. Allergies+barometric changes+stress=headaches. Happens for me all too often this time of year.

I looked up headaches on Wikipedia. Did you know that headaches are also caused (triggered) by eyestrain, dehydration, estrogen fluctuation, blood sugar drops, and sinusitus? I've got all of those too. Yeah, all of them. Woe is poor little me.

According to Wiki, the brain itself can't feel pain cause it lacks nocieptors. I haven't got the slightest idea what a nocieptor is and I don't really care. Sounds like a dinosaur, which would actually be more interesting to have around than a headache. Anyhoo, the head has a network of nerves, blood vessels, muscles and meninges which can and do transmit pain. Cluster headaches, vascular headaches, migraines. All of which are one big ouch. Especially on a dreary rainy week end when you're on a countdown to a real estate closing and trying to move furniture and cardboard boxes from a house to a storage facility.

Despite the headache, we did manage to get most of the stuff moved and joined Danny's brother and family out by Disney for dinner. Couldn't walk the poor dogs though. I guess rainy days are as hard or harder on them than us. At least we humans don't have to go out in a monsoon to potty. I wonder if dogs get headaches. too?

I also wonder what meninges are?

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