Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Beowulf and Renovation Blues

Danny and I went to see the new "animated" (CGI) film, Beowulf yesterday. It was pretty amazing. The animated characters looked so real that a couple of minutes into the film I forgot they weren't living actors. The cinematography, costumes, and sets were superb. Wait a minute, there weren't any sets, costumes, or cinematography. Not in the usual sense anyway. A movie like this gets a little confusing to my twentieth century mind. Let's just say that the graphics and design was top rate and the film is like nothing you've ever seen before.

Of course Beowulf is a great story. One of the oldest in Anglo Saxon literature. The inspiration for the Arthurian legends, the Tolkien stories and maybe even Star Wars to some degree. The living actors, enhanced by their CGI images did justice to the tale, too. Who can argue with an enhanced Angelina Jolie as a dragon-lady? Maybe writer Neil Gaiman did give her a bigger role than in other Beowulf productions, but he was right on. She did a bang-er-rang job.

I wish I could be a CGI actor. The CGI designers could give me my nineteen inch waist back with a side order of flat tummy and no crows feet. Make me look twenty again, too.

Oh well, forget about CGI movie stardom, I'd settle for finally getting my house re-dos done! This morning, for example, the floor guys were supposed to remove my bedroom carpeting, clean the stone floors underneath, grind down the bolts from the carpeting tacking strips, buff, polish and seal to a shine. Then they were supposed to clean, buff, polish and seal the hallway.

Well, they finally arrived at 2:15, removed the carpet and discovered that a previous owner of the house had painted the terrazzo stone floor underneath navy blue! What kind of an idiot paints a bedroom stone floor navy blue?? Don't answer that. Anyway, by this time my old carpet was cut up in small pieces and lying on the driveway. Couldn't exactly put it back. Removing the paint took the rest of the afternoon and cost double the estimated job. Of course, they can't come back and finish tomorrow since "its not on the schedule. " I have to wait a week.

With all of my bedroom furniture piled in the guest room and no available bed to sleep in? With no access to my clothes or my master bath? I think not. As soon as the floors dried, I moved everything back in. All the very heavy solid oak furniture. Course I'll have to move it all out again next week and then all back in again...dem's de ole renovation blues..tomorrow, the handyman is supposed to finally install the famous cook top. Cross your fingers...and toes.

Good thing I decided to postpone the wood floor refinishing. Completing the terrazzo and re-doing the kitchen will take up next week. Then its time to put up the old Tannenbaum. Deck the halls and all that.

Live long and prosper.

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