Monday, November 12, 2007

Weekend Update

Hello Bloggers. Well, we had quite a week end. It was our screening Week end for the Winter Park Sidewalk Art Festival. That's when the three judges come to town and view all the submissions of the artists hoping to make it into the show in March. This year we had nearly fourteen hundred artists applying, each one submitting the four required examples of their own specific artwork in the various categories (such as painting, jewelry, watercolor, metal, fiber, wood, mixed media, clay, digital, sculpture, etc). This year, for the first time in our 49 year history, we had no paper applications or slides to deal with (which used to be a horrific lot of work to organize for several dozen folks). All was submitted online to a company (Zapp) that manages art festival submissions via computers. All artwork submissions were digitally rendered and were shown on four screens for the judges on computerized (digital) projectors.

Danny was the board member responsible for the screening process. He was at city hall from seven thirty in the morning until seven Saturday night when they finished viewing the approx. six thousand slides. Long day, but worth making the leap to the 21st century.

After screening was done, we attended the traditional judges (dinner) party, attended by board and judges and always held in a board members home. Fun!

While Danny was hard at work on behalf of the WPSAF, I attended daughter Amy's baby shower, hosted by older sister "Aunt Laura". A terrific party, attended by about forty friends and family. Amy and Elias got a mountain of gifts for Baby Alex, too.

Today, Danny and I attended a dandy production of Gypsy at Rollins College's Annie Russell Theatre.

Tomorrow, the kitchen and bath guys are coming for a forth try at installing a set of frame less shower doors in the guest bath. The floor guys are starting the whole house floor renovations tomorrow as well, and the grout guy is coming Tuesday to repair the kitchen counter tops. Movin' along the renovation highway. Here's hopin' there are no more detours.

I sold a few books. Mine, of course. Live long and prosper.

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