Tuesday, November 6, 2007

First Post

Hello Bloggers,

I'm expanding my Blog universe. I'm already on 360 as wayworm.com. You can read several years worth of my almost daily postings there if you want to delve into my history and sometime histrionics. If not, well you can start anew right here. I hope you will enjoy my ramblings, excerpts from my 'fictional life', bits and bytes of my real life, and sometimes out and out ranting. I'm talky and, okay I admit it, opinionated.

I'm from Pennsylvania but live in Central Florida. Once a teacher and a psychometrist, I am now a writer of short fiction and poetry. I have a brand new book out as of last week, Flights of Nancy, available as of now on Amazon.com. I've got a poetry collection almost completed and ready for publication. I'll occasionally post excerpts.

I've got a boyfriend, Danny, a Personal Trainer turned geek (Computer Information Technology). I also have three dogs: a Louisianna Catahoula Leopard Dog (Ginny), a half 'hoola half Rottweiler (Abby), and a bad to the bone Australian Cattle Dog (Chili). I call the dawgs the 'Mutley Crew' and as they would tell you if they could but type, I am a total dog codependant. That is an admission, not an apology. Dogs are good people.

My daughters, Laura and Amy are grown up ladies in their twenties and I am as Vera said in Auntie Mame, somewhere between forty and death. I am legally blond but can count dubba yous and dubba yous with the best of them.

I'm fond of chocolate and donuts, Italian and Mexican and Middle eastern crusine, probably because my family is English and German and Scottish--not people known for great dishes. (Think bangers and mash, blood sausages, haggis and oatmeal). I like watching films and reading mysteries and Sci- Fi when I'm not writing my own stuff. Used to swim and work out every day. Now, I'm somewhat of an energy conservationist. Sad, but true.

I'm a lapsed Republican who drives a red Volvo. I don't smoke or drink and I only tell lies when I think I can get away with it. I'm not much on sports: can't dance or bowl or play softball, but who wants to do those things anyway? I shot an arrow through a man's car window by accident the first time I tried, so I thought I better not try archery again, either.

I love theme parks (especially Roller coasters) the beach and the mountains, but I hate to travel on commercial airlines. Like to hang out with smart, quirky people with a keen sense of humor. Have no use for people who pick on other people.

All spiders should be sent out of this universe to another one far, far away. I never eat more than I can lift. Math is incomprehensible. Now you know everything you need to know about me. Check back and read future entries if you dare. Meanwhile, live long and prosper.

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LauraLeigh said...

Happy Blogging! I like your new blog, I will check back often!

Love, Laura