Friday, November 30, 2007

Christmas poem, first edition

Here's a poem I wrote on an envelope a few years ago after catching myself humming the song "Winter Wonderland" on a sunny mid December day while driving West on I-4. (Actually Danny was driving. I can drive, sing, and think at the same time but I cannot drive, sing, think, and write on an envelope at the same time.)


(Inspired by the song “Winter Wonderland”)

Surf is up, are you listenin?
On the beach sand is glistenin.
Each day is a delight,
‘cause the sun is shining bright.
It’s Christmas in a Florida wonderland.

Gone away, the South Americans.
Just arrived, are the Canadians.
They’ll need a lot of dough,
if to Disney they will go,
for Christmas in a Florida wonderland.

In the mall, a lot of well heeled matrons,
with diamond rings and platinum credit cards.
They’re Bloomie’s, Saks, and Neiman Marcus patrons
driving Lexus and Mercedes motor cars.

Buy a gift, for someone special.
Trim a tree, that’s artificial.
Though it’s eighty-nine most nights,
for us the temp’s just right,
for Christmas in a Florida wonderland.

Seniors swing at the clubs here.
Boaters wave, full of good cheer.
Tiger Woods is playing golf
with Santa’s jolly elf,
‘cause it’s Christmas in a Florida wonderland.

In the yard a manger scene and snowman,
all six foot tall and made of fiberglass.
Santa’s dressed in shorts, and slippery with sunscreen,
driving in a sports car much too fast.

Palm trees sway, birds are singing.
By the pool, cell phones ringing.
Though it’s snowing in the north,
weather’s perfect here of course.
It’s Christmas in a Florida wonderland.

Nancy Wayman Deutsch

Ta ta for now.

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