Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Reindogs One

Here's some more pix from my archives: Blitzkreig, Slasher, Napper, Dapper and Lola, the US Olympic Rein dog sled team from the film Cool Running Rein dogs. (Played by Cody, Chili, Abby, Belle, and Dyna).

Okay, all you dogs in hats picture haters, chill out. It's cheap fun and as long as the poochies get treats they don't mind.

Today, I was trapped in the back of my house from nine to six while the floor guys did the hard flooring restoration of the kitchen/ breakfast area, the hallway and my bedroom. I breathed a whole lotta chemical fumes, let me tell you! Whoo-ee! Looks good, though. At least I think it does. I may just be high.

Tomorrow, I'm hoping to find the Christmas tree in the garage. Actually, I know where it is. I can see it behind a mountain of stuff. But, can I get to it to install it in the house? Ah, grasshopper, that is the question. The answer, at this point, is not known.

Meanwhile, enjoy the dog pictures. By the way, Cody and Dyna belong to my daughter Laura. See, Pit Bulls can be fun. And very civilized canine good citizens.


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LauraLeigh said...

What a bunch of cuties! Good pittie bulls!