Saturday, November 17, 2007

week end update

Hello, bloggers. Would you believe that this oh so innocent face is the face of a dog that knocks over tall kitchen trashcans to garbage surf, can leap to the top of a seven foot wall, swallows Cuban tree frogs the size of my fist without chewing, howls like a ban-shee and talks like Chewbacca? Meet our Ginny, the 'hoola' girl whose wagging tail is as deadly as Zorro's whip. She's a sixty pound ball of street devil/couch potato/cuddlebug. Yes, her nose is half pink. The male dogs think she's a hottie, too.

Today we got kitchen grouted, finally. The counter tops look great...and it only cost me a couple hundred dollars to restore the tile instead of spending 5k for new granite! I'm happy. Next week, we're suppose to have the bedroom wing terrazzo floors restored. The week after, we were scheduled to have the wood floors in the living room, dining room, and kitchen sanded, re stained and sealed, but now the kitchen terracotta tile has to be redone since it didn't dry right and looks dull and clumpy, so I think I'm going to put the hard wood re-finishing job off until after the Christmas holidays. I need a break from chaos and mess!! A break to shop, decorate for the holidays, go to parties and holiday themed events and generally 'chill out'. So, after the cook top is installed I'm turning off the renovation station until 2008!

Besides, I have to do a little book promotion and work on my website. Don't forget, check out Flights of Nancy by me, Nancy Wayman Deutsch, on Make a dandy little Christmas/Hannakah/Kwanza gift for someone you love, moderately like, or are obligated to gift. Great for gift exchanges, secret friend gifts, reading on airplanes and in lines!

Tonight, we attended the annual Central Florida St Andrews Society dinner. Ate haggis and nips and tatties, roast beef and bread pudding, listened to a Scotsman perform the toast to the haggis and an Irish priest (now from Miami) talk about St Andrew. We were also treated to a performance by the Rosie O'Grady's pipe band, Scottish dancing (including sword dancing and hormpipe dancing), and a Celtic band. In case you're wondering, I am a member of Clan Gunn, whose motto is "if not peace, then war". So beware.

Tomorrow, dog parkin' or possible a visit to Universal studios, depending on the weather. Have a bonny evening.

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