Friday, August 29, 2008

At the Circus

Today's picture: the little lady in pink from Alaska way who is about to follow our Hillary's example and take aim at the glass ceiling. This picture is dancing with her handsome hubby on Inauguration night in 2006.

Well, boys and girls, ladies and gentlemen, children of all ages, it looks like the great American Political Circus ain't over. It's got a few more interesting acts to go before the fat lady sings the national anthem.

The act in Ring One was a humdinger all right. We all gave it a standing ovation. Clapped ourselves silly and shed a tear or two. Yessir, it was great theatre. Even that big movie producer that done ET was there helpin' put on the show. Hell's bells, I even almost believed old Buffalo Bill and his little lady were sincere in their support of the Donkey and pony show star. Don't get no better than the charismatic Saint Obama with his smooth talkin' former rivals now converted to his bestest sidekicks an' disciples. 'Specially, when the whole kit and kaboodle act is slickly produced and perfectly performed. Better than any of them old tent revivals, I'll say. Praise, uh... Jesus.

Well sir, what's a poor old tired rootin' tootin' high fallootin' son of a gun ragtime cowboy Johnny form out Arizona way to do to follow an act like that? You is almost as old as Wyatt Earp. You ain't got the bucks St Obama has. You ain't got them big movie stars and political stars deputized to back you up. Terminator's busy elsewhere. You even been tarred and feathered and the town folk tried to run you out of town after town on a rail 'cause you done time out in the Bush leagues. Just 'cause you got invited to the same party as old GW was at an you went cause you didn't know what he was gonna become when he growed up. Heck, he's comin' to endorse your act and you can't tell him he ain't welcome in the ring. Don't look good for a ragtime cowboy do it?

Well, sir. Here's what you do. Your old, but you ain't dumb. You ask a staight talkin', pistol packin' lil frontier gal from up Alaska way to watch your back. She's young...and the first woman governor of Alaska. Us ta help run her family's commercial fishing business when she wasn't busy at PTA meetings and cutting her teeth on politics. She's got a son in Iraq, and four other kids. Even got a special needs baby. Not to mention a handsome hunk of a professional fisherman hubby who's a union man and a steelworker and a pipe line worker to boot. Got all the every woman credentials of Everyman Joe and she's a dang site prettier.

This is gonna be fun, Cowboy Johnny. I was about to leave the arena, but now I can't wait for the act in Ring two to begin. When does the elephant parade start? Will yer little Annie Oakley shoot out the glass ceiling with her pistols? Will she sing 'Anything You Can Do I Can Do Better' louder and clearer than Everyman Joe's A Biden With Me hymn?

Yessir, the circus ain't done yet. Even if the magician's done his act already and the trapeeze artists have gone on back to Hollywood, there's gonna be lots a shootin' and maybe a bit of trick ridin' too. Elephants are slower than jack asses but everybody likes to see them in the parade. So, bring on the popcorn and the peanuts. Heck, the ticket's worth the price of admission just to see what St Obama can do to discredit a soldier's mama with a special needs baby.

Live long and prosper. Send in the clowns.

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