Thursday, August 21, 2008

Rain rain go away and dont come back either.

Rain. It just won't stop. I forgot to drain water out of the pool earlier in the week and now thanks to Tropical Storm Faye its within an inch or two of overflowing onto the pool deck...which slopes slightly downwards towards the house. This is not good, especially since three to five more inches of rain are currently predicted for our immediate area before slowpoke Faye moves herself on. If she moves on. Its beginning to feel like she's moved in to stay.

We lost power twice today. About three hours all told. Inconvenient, but we've been through worse. At least--unlike our stormy season in 2004--we still had water. The small leak that we assumed was fixed in the dining room has turned into a two foot brown blob-ish stain on the ceiling. Poor Ginny and Abby won't go out to do their 'business'. At least Chili, the leaky one, will. Could be worse. May get worse. Hopefully not.

Amy reported three major dripping ceiling leaks at her house. Laura learns how to give herself insulin shots tomorrow. Not looking forward to that, but the baby's heartbeat is strong, so the shots will be worth it.

A light moment: Because of the constant hard rush of pounding water overflowing the gutter at the side of the house outside one of the bedroom windows the bright motion sensor light won't go out. It's pretty hard to sleep with that blazing into the window like noon day. So, I spent five minutes or so trying to cover the sheer drapes with various light blankets and sheets. Climbing on and off the bed. Draping. Folding. This sheet is too big, this sheet is too small, this blanket too heavy for the rod. Nothing was right no matter how I tried. Nothing was dark enough to block the light either. Danny came in and almost immediately figured out which sheet to use and how to fold the thing correctly cor maximum effect. We got up on the bed, put the sheet on the curtain rod and then I turned to Danny and said, "I never would have figured that out! You are so smart!" Danny nodded, smiled...and promptly backed into the paddle wheel ceiling fan. Thwack! Upside the head. Fortunately, he was not decapitated. Gave us the giggles.

Live long and prosper. Stay dry.

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