Friday, August 8, 2008

katz n kids

Some new pix. Amy and Alex came to visit this morning. Alex will be seven months old (already) on Sunday. He can sit up on his own and is cutting teeth. Still has his mommy's beautiful blue eyes and golden well as the same sort of plump arms and legs Amy sported as a bambina.

The katz photos are Laura's Russian Blue (Gus Gus) and Bengal (Shyla). Obviously, the kitties get along well together. Laura captioned the second photo as "love stinks". No comment here.

This week end I will be moving everything out of my living room in preparation for the big floor refinishing project on Monday morning. I also hope to take in the silly new Mummy movie with Danny as a reward for our sore to be muscles.

Happy happy news tidbit of the summer: come March there will be yet another addition to the Nan Nan Dan Dan clan. More details will follow in future blogs. Zero to three in a little over a year is a pretty good average, right?! I better get seriously crackin' on that children's book....

TGIF. Have a good one.

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