Tuesday, August 5, 2008

A visit to the Scotts

Hey Bloggers,

It is August. It's super hot with humidity producing instant sweat that runs off the skin like sticky honey. I can't believe school is starting down here in Florida next week. How barbaric to start school in the middle of summer. When I was a kid in Pennsylvania, school never began until after Labor Day in September!!

Last evening after work we got the chance to spend some quality time with Stephen, Casey, and baby Gavin Riley who is now five week old. Isn't little Gavin cute? He's plumping up a bit and is already reaching up to bat his toys around. Hits em too. Baseball in his future? As you can see from the photos, all is well at the Scott's and 'Dan Dan' really enjoyed the opportunity to hold the little one. I finally got a picture of Stephen with the top of his head included, although he was about to swallow some pizza at the moment of the shot. Dunno what the hand gesture was, but it practically begs a caption which you won't get. Casey celebrated her 21st birthday on July 20th. If anyone was to ask, I'll bet she'd say that Gavin was her best gift.

Still no word from the publisher regarding my poetry manuscript other than confirmation that they got it. This one is going much slower than Flights of Nancy. I don't know why. I guess I will just have to work on the dragon book while I wait.

All for now. Its lunch time and a chicken burrito awaits.


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