Friday, August 29, 2008

Donkey and pony shows and shoveling after elephants at the Great American Circus

I just looked out into my back yard. People have been tossing garbage over my six foot stockade fence again. They do it all the time from speeding cars. Right now, a city crew is digging holes on the other side of the fence to bury underground utility lines. Maybe they've contributed to the trash haul, too. I dunno. Later this morning I will have to brave possible spiders lurking under the jungly trees and pick it up. It doesn't make me feel a whole lot better than I did last night about the ability of our fine citizens to think critically or behave responsibly. Last night, you ask? What happened last night?

Well, last night, I'd finally had enough of the media/Democratic National Committee ultra love fest. I watched and listened to all the key speeches up to Mr. Obama's. I watched all the carefully engineered...may I say brilliantly engineered and produced...programming through out the week. Michelle Obama's was my favorite speech, as it was delivered with panache and sincerity. Even though I knew she'd been carefully prepared by expert handlers, she hit her marks and delivered her lines perfectly( to use some of my old theatrical terminology) and I believed that she believed every word she said. Al Gore's speech was my number two favorite. I couldn't disagree with any word he uttered and I am sorry--profoundly so--that he is not running for President. I would vote for him as quick as a penquin can jump on an ice flow as Global Warming and Alternative Energy are very very high on my list of priorities. As far as the othe speeches went, particularly Bill and Hillary Clintons', they were terrific speeches. Professionally written, great oneliners, professionally delivered.

I omit Joe Biden's easy to see through tear jerker speech and story here. Not saying he's a bad guy. Not at all. But, I cried during Old Yeller too. Course I was a just kid then. And I wouldn't use--or allow anyone else to use--the death of my wife and child-to show the just plain folks that they could identify with me to get me into the White House. And, since he attacked Barak Obama pretty thoroughly in the primaries, his slavish adoring speech kinda rang false. Sorry, didn't buy that one,Biden handlers.

The Clintons, who seriously wanted to be back in The White House, did what they had to do, and they pulled it off, despite their perfectly understandable disappointment. They supported their party by endorsing the party's choice. Personally, I wanted Hillary to get the nomination. Not because she is a woman or particularly likeable. Because, the Clintons are a package. Hillary as President would mean a Co Presidency with Bill. I didn't like Bill's behavior with women. But, my life during the Clinton era was a heck of alot better economically and personal freedom wise than during the eight years of Bushism. All the hype aside, I would feel better with some real solid experience at the helm of my sinking ship. Not necessarily Joe Biden's either.

Getting back to the hype, I wonder if I am the only watcher made uncomfortable with the very carefully crafted and slickly presented production that was the Democratic National Convention?Presenting a man--any mere man--as Messianic as Mr Obama is being presented to an adoring, screaming, tearfilled, HOPEFUL, herd of thousands of sugered up and hyped up followers comes with a danger. What if Barak Obama is just a man with charisma, good intentions, and little real experience? What if, as smart as he is, he can't fix the several dozen real serious problems facing a downward spiraling America? What if he can't walk on water and turn that water into wine? What will his adoring followers do then? Turn on him as Ceasar's boys did or pass the Kool Aide? Frankly, it gives me shivers either way. I wish I had more faith and confidence in my own fellow Americans, but I am sitting here, looking out my window at casually tossed bags of McDonalds wrappers and plastic soda bottles lying admidst my sago palms.

Yes, Mr. Obama gives a brilliant speech. He is a likeable, charming guy. As a Vice President, learning the ropes from a seasoned veteran of the Washington gladatorial games, I'd welcome him to the Circus.

Do I think the Republicans can do any better? I am laughing here. George Bush and his incompetent political appointees and self serving oil and big business cronies have pretty much killed his party's credibility and Republican chances in this election. Damaged our country in ways that shock and dismay. John McCain, however good intentioned, for better or worse is fighting another jungle war that probably can't be won. Bush will hurt him just by appearing at the convention. There are no Republican superstars to counter the media magic of a Hillary or Bill or Ted Kennedy or Al Gore. Heck even Spielberg is producing tear jerker films for the Dems. Only Arnold Swartzenegger could command the pixie dust and he is apparently not real interested in appearing at the convention. I don't think the Republicans can produce a show to equal the slick Hollywoood production of the Democrats. Heck, I probably won't watch much of it. I'm tired of all the backbiting and false smiles and promises that are never kept already by all politicians. Excuse my cynicism please, but I have been around longer than I'd like to remember and I've heard too much before.

Besides, I have to go out and pick up the garbage in my back yard. That's real life folks.

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