Thursday, March 20, 2008

Agility Girl and Demon Dog

This is my beginning level agility girl. Ginny Lou Whoo. Purebred Louisiana Catahoula Leopard Dog. Originally named Spice. Sister of Ginger. Abandoned to Animal Control as a puppy somewhere in Tennessee. Destined for the needle. Rescued by CURS. (Catahoula United Rescue Society) Adopted. Returned by the family she trusted. (She jumped on their kids. They were afraid of her. Did they take her to obedience? No. They were too busy for dog training. They got rid of Spice and got another dog. One that presumably doesn't jump). Back to CURS and fostering in Gainesville Florida. Adopted by me. Home at last. New name. new life.

Ginny's lovely "Patchwork" face graces the CURS website. Doncha just love her half pink nose? Ginny is smart, is what I call a velcro dog, and she has conversations that sound like Han Solo's pal Chewbacca. She sings. She loves walks and the dog park and playing with her pack members in the yard. She goes up tree trunks after squirrels. Unfortunately, she is a dumpster diver. No trash can in the house is Ginny proof. She is all too frequently lead into mischief by our resident demon dog, Chili. Chili is an Australian cattle Dog, a no rules just right sort of dog, but more about her later.

Ginny is taking to agility like a duck to water. She had a little difficulty at first with the parachute. Went over it, ran beside it. Didn't want to go through it. Jumps are, of course, a piece of cake. (Hoolas are bred to jump). The tire is a piece of cake. First time got it perfect. Doing good downs and stays and touching the contact. A frame no problem at all. She actually likes being on the wobble board (precursor to the sea saw). She loves going to 'dog class'. Danny is her trainer. He's enjoying agility too. They make a great pair on the field. The only thing Ginny does not like about agility training is being held by anyone besides Danny or me or having either one of us out of her sight. She panics. Understandable, given her history. We're working on that.

Ginny was looking a little pudgy tonight. Why? Earlier today, Chili got the pantry door open and she and Ginny feasted on a half box of Triskets and about three quarters of a large bag of (dog) chicken tender strips as well as the assorted contents of the large silver kitchen trash can. Ginny has skunk gas.

While Danny and I were walking the other dogs after agility class, Chili broke into his backpack and ate two chocolate chip cookies from lunch and got up on my kitchen table to raid a plastic bag of liver treats I'd forgotten I'd left there under the agility dog homework folder. Yes, Chili finally got sick. Maybe the chocolate chips finally did it. Chocolate is really bad for dogs. At any rate, she pooped on the only rug I have left down in three rooms. Demon dog. That's Chili.


Silk said...

just dropping by and enjoyed your blog... i too do agility in BC in Canada, i run two dogs, Jesse, son's dog, a little 'all canadian' and my own rescued Border Collie, Dixie..I have a terrible time keeping D out of the sheep pen..she keeps getting her buddy bouvier 'Jackson' into trouble. I also have 3 other very old Border Collies. Jesse and I just Q'ed in our very first gamble. Not sure how our Canadian and your American compare. I will check back again soon, to catch up on you and your dogs...

wayworm said...

Good to hear from another dog person. I'm wondering what a gamble is. A meet? Sounds interesting! Border Collies are great all around dogs and agility superstars.