Thursday, March 6, 2008

Sometimes, know Gnus is good Gnus

Tonight's photos: two gnus views. Gotcha attention now, Bloggers and Bloggettes?

Anyhoo, I was reading my AOL homepage this morning and the news banners caught my eye. So, here's my thoughts:

Alas, poor Bill Gates. He's not the richest man in the world any more. (You never should have come up with that stupid Vista, dude.) At least, poor little Bill lost the title to his American buddy, Warren Buffet, and not to some woman and Christian hating Arab oil baron, price gouging all of us us with oil that's now up to $105 a barrel...I really wish I hadn't sold my shares of Berkshire Hathaway stocks a couple of years ago, though. At least I didn't buy Vista.

Cool that a new Greek tomb was discovered and that we now have that beautiful picture of the lovely young Helen Keller and her amazing teacher, Annie Sullivan. No wise ass comment on those.

Danny's glad to hear that at least one Irish/New York pub won't be playing the song, Danny Boy, on St. Paddy's Day this year. Danny hates the song, even though he's about half Scots-Irish. Didja know the song was written by an Englishman who'd never even set eyes on the olde sod? Begorra! How 'bout those Sassanach!

The bomb in Times Square incident is deplorable. I guess we don't have enough flaming crazy fanatic idiots in Tehran and Bagdad, and Kabul. We gotta have flaming stupid crazy fanatic idiots in America, too. Can't even count on having a peaceful lunch in Wendy's anymore or going to your college classes in safety.

Howard Dean thinks Florida should vote again in the Democratic primary. Problems with voting in Florida? Haven't we heard that one before? So how come they always pick on Florida, Chad? I don't get it.

Such a joy to read that home sales are at a 25 year low and home equity has fallen below 50% and that foreclosures are at a record high and stocks are falling. Gee, I hadn't actually noticed this before. And the Prez's top economic advisor says we might be headed for a recession? Do ya think!! Game over, man! Game over! What are we gonna do now, man?!

My favorite news item of all was the one about the lab in Seattle offering to pay volunteers $4000.00 each to be bitten by a Malaria infected mosquito so they can test a new Malaria vaccine. The lab claims the disease, un-curable up to now, can be cured and so volunteers are in no danger. Uh huh. I don't care what you claim, you mad scientists at the Seattle Biomedical Research Institute. I don't care that oil is 105 dollars a barrel and that I don't have any Berkshire Hathaway stock anymore. I don't care that I probably can't sell my mother's house or that nuts with bombs and guns are running around New York and Palm Beach. You can't have my body. You hear that! I don't want no induced Malaria. No sirs, not with the Health Insurance system in tatters. Forget it.

That's all for now, folks. Chad and I are going to go sing Danny Boy to Danny. Ta.

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