Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Today in history

Today in history:
1810: Napolean Bonaparte, Emperor of France marries Archduchess Marie Louise of Austria (alas, poor Josephine)
1888: the famous blizzard of '88 begins its sweep through the northeastern USA, resulting in 400 deaths (so we think this crazy weather is a new thing, huh?)
1941: USA President Roosevelt signs Lend-Lease Bill to provide money to fight the evil Axis powers in Europe (primarily Hitler's Germany and Mussolini's Italy)
2004: al-Qaeda explodes 1o bombs in commuter rail system in Madrid, Spain killing 191 innocent people (down with crazy religious zealot extremists)

Today in my history:
I went to the bank and deposited money, shopped at Albertsons grocery, made oatmeal cookies with caramel/chocolate chips, read two chapters of Sword Song, The Battle for London, walked the 3 dogs twice, did Yoga, and took the Dogster 'what breed of dog would you be?' quiz.

Apparently, according to Dogster, I am a German Shepherd. I am not surprised by this result. After all, I can bark loudly and with authority when I choose, would happily run down and bite criminals, have a long nose, good hearing, like to run around putting things in their place, have slightly crooked legs, and really nice hair. I don't think even I can string the dog quiz results out into any more copy though, so enough about me!

Danny started his first full day working at UCF. He is a tired Zombie Geek now.

Wunderkid Baby Alex (see pix) is two months old, 13 1/2 pounds and two feet tall (if he could actually stand up yet).

Alex had his first shots yesterday, but didn't get a license tag.

Danny and I finally dusted off our bikes on Sunday, added air to the tires , and biked the Cady way/South Seminole Trail. It took me all day yesterday to recover since I hadn't biked in about two years! Extreme ouch!! Yoga last night helped. Today I am bright eyed and bushy tailed again.

We almost got a second contract on Mom's house yesterday, but in the end the people didn't like the idea that she had died in the house and said the a/c compressor was old. Whatever....we've had an unusual amount of activity and interest for this poor market. The right folks will come along. The house has only been listed one month today.

I'm off to do nothing much. Ta.

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