Wednesday, March 12, 2008


Wow, what a doozer of a day. I probably had an expression like this wide-eyed hoola girl by late afternoon. I walked all three dogs this morning, one at a time. Took at least 90 minutes. No snitchy hip or achy knee, either. Nightly Yoga must be helping. (Thanks, Danny). Then after a tuna sandwich for lunch, I worked at my desktop mostly line editing with a little content editing for a couple hours. (Poetry book manuscript). I still don't know if it's going to be titled Out of My Head or Between The Lines, but that isn't really important right now. What is important, at least to me, is that I get it done and I'm getting there.

Around two o'clock, things started happening in multiples. I was on the phone with the Nominations chairperson for the art festival when my investment counselor and his assistant both called re some 'deal with them immediately' investment questions and solutions. Then, my Realtor called re a contract on Mom's house. Meanwhile, the kitchen and bath business owner was in the pool bath attempting some leak repairs to the new shower door. Chili was trying to find a way into the bathroom to sample his leg. I got bug eyed. Then returned calls one by one. All was serene by dinner time. After supper, we walked the dogs again and did more Yoga. Namaste.

By the way, the house contract (offer) isn't a bad one considering the market and national recession. Much better offer than the last one. I have till tomorrow noon to decide.

Sneaky Chili blew her cover. All along we though Ginny was the one knocking over all the trashcans. Not so. We came home yesterday to find trash all over the place. The other dogs were out with us. Chili was alone. Aha! She also vomited on my sofa again. Acorns and grass. Stupid dog.

Speaking of dogs, Danny is dog tired at the end of his working day. Hard to get used to the old early to bed and early to rise routine. But, he likes the job and being at UCF. Bravo to him for getting the job and going to school, too.

Ah river derchy. Sleep well, Bloggers and Bloggettes.

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