Wednesday, March 19, 2008

The Unwanted Dog

These are some pictures of real street dogs. These particular dogs have found rescue angels, but there are millions who haven't. If you want and can care for a dog, check your local shelters, particularly animal control and Google rescue organizations. Street dogs need your help. If you adopt them and love them, they will give back more love than your heart can hold. I promise. I've adopted a few. A good bath and a few good meals work wonders too. Not to mention a squeaky toy. Get one for the dog too.

Below, a rough draft of a new poem hot off my desktop.

by Nancy Wayman Deutsch

Consider the plight of the unwanted dog
bred as companion or for useful job.
Once somebody's pet, now roaming the street
rooting in garbage with cracked bleeding feet.

It's rangy and mangy and covered in fleas
It doesn't know what it has done, to displease.
Why is it homeless, who disapproved?
A new boyfriend, or landlord, or did family move?

Did new baby come, or was fence gate left open?
Dog longs for a home though it's nearly past hoping
for safety and comfort and pats on the head
for collar and biscuits, and padded soft bed.

If this dog gets captured and locked in a cage
as puppy or old dog or one middle aged
will it end it's short life with a needle or gas?
Or will someone kind come, to adopt it at last?

Consider the plight of the unwanted dog.
Please home it and love it, and give it a job,
as companion, or watchdog, or herder of sheep,
Dog will give you devotion and guard you in sleep.

Consider the plight of the unwanted pet,
saving its life you will never regret.
With warm eyes and tail wag expressing it's love
Dog's an angel in fur sent from Heaven above.

March 19, 2008

Happy tails to you until we meet again.

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