Saturday, June 14, 2008

Day in the life and a dog possessed

Some pictures of today's landscaping efforts. We've got more jasmine coming, some eugenias, more crotons, sod, bougainvillea for the pergola and I dunno...stuff. We're doing a small pond thing with rocks and fountain, too. The paver walkways are mostly finished. Sprinkler system needs work n so do ground lights, but we'll get there.

A day in the life:

Spent the morning walking dogs and peeking out the windows at the landscaping in progress. During lunch the landscaper rang the doorbell. While we were outside talking to him, Chili dug into the chicken sandwiches we'd thoughtfully left for her on the kitchen table. At least she didn't eat the chicken enchilada soup. Its our favorite.

Since we were almost out of Ligonberry jam (God forbid), we decided that we just had to make an Ikea run this afternoon. Not so surprisingly, the shopping bug bit. We bought all sorts of useful and cool and inexpensive Swedish stuff made in China and ate meatballs in the Ikea cafeteria. At Petco, we bought a second couch style dog bed since Abby and Ginny constantly race each other to the bedroom at bedtime to see who gets the couch bed first and who is reduced to sleeping on the ordinary faux sheepskin mat. We ventured into the nearby very tony Millennia Mall to get a iLife progam for my Mac laptop at the always crowded Apple Store. Then returned home to find that the dogs had had a garbage party while we were gone. I cleaned up the kitchen and family room and fed the dogs some actual meant for dogs food, then let them out to potty. Chili jumped into the overclorinated pool without permission. Danny rinsed her with the hose but it didn't help. When I took her for her evening walk she smelled like one of those big chlorine cakes the pool guys put in the pool filter.

After walking Chili extra long to use up some of her naughty energy (or so I hoped), Danny and I walked the other dogs. We returned home to find that Chili had: 1. Jumped up on the counter and eaten half a loaf of new whole wheat bread 2. barfed bread dough balls on the dining room floor 3. peed on the family room rug 4. pooped on the home office floor. You bet I yelled at her. You can also bet she didn't give a rat's ass. And she looks so cute and innocent too, doesn't she? Not!!

If you get a cattle dog, be afraid. Be very afraid. You will love the little Tasmanian devil...but you will no longer be in control of your life. Oh, Cesar Milan,where are you? Please hear my prayer. Save us, oh exalted dog whisperer.


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