Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Don't harshen my mellow, landcapers

Namaste, my little bloggers,

No, the girl in the photo is not me and the dog isn't mine either. But, the photo is what always happens when I try to do yoga. Dog wants to be a part of it all. Dog has short attention span though. Dog gets bored after a cat stretch or a downward dog and an upward dog and vamooses. Unless I lock dog out of room from the get go. Then, dog sits behind closed door and barks, cries, and whines through the entire yoga session. That can harshen a mellow quick. Specially when its one or two, sometimes three dogs.

I'm trying not to let my mellow get harshened by the fact that no landscaper folk have worked on my property all week. Still no patio or paver walkways. Only 'bout 1/3 of the plants are in. Thanks to the rains every evening this week, the grass is mighty green...but the muddy dirt walkway to the house is literally the pits! Now, I knew the project wouldn't be done in the two weeks promised at the start. But, the project manager assured me he'd be here working on the pavers today...and he wasn't. Actually, he did stop by for a minute and a half very early this morning. Just long enough to throw his two wheelbarrows and some shovels into his truck but not long enough for me to get dressed and go out to talk to him. I find myself wondering if he's gone with the wind... or not. Danny says not. I hope Danny's right. Ah well, a few more yoga breaths my help!

Actually, I've been exercising a whole lot lately. Not just doing Hatha Yoga. As the saying goes, I'm seriously deconditioned. Slothful, lazy, pudgy, bulgy....however you want to say it, I'm soft and spreading. But, my dears, I have swum 50 double laps twice, worked out three times with weights, treadmilled, bicycled, done yoga twice, and walked each dog once or twice each day for the past week. I feel much better, have more energy, am sleeping well and am not craving as much sugar. I did notice today that my skirt felt tighter than last week at this time. That generally happens at first when I start back in serious exercise mode.

As Danny explains the phenomena: people like me who have exercised alot most of their lives and who had a lot of muscle prior to becoming deconditioned will regain muscle mass fast when they reenter an exercise regime. There's been no time to lose fat. Not in one week. So, I'm not worried. Mellow not harshened. Not by that at least.

Here's hoping the landscapers show tomorrow. Namaste.

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