Saturday, June 7, 2008

week end update

Hey there bloggers,

Above note photos of our Australian cattle Dog, Chili, doin' one of the two things she likes best: jumping into the pool, and a shot of three Catahoulas (not mine) doin' what they do best, working stock. The other photos are of our ongoing landscape project. We've got some plants again. Ed promises me we will have the paver walkways, patio, rest of the plants, bouganvilla vines on the pergola, and 'water feature' by Wednesday...but we'll see. Next week end maybe.

At least we have air conditioning again. Sweet blissful cool air. It was up and running by Wednesday evening but I decided, since it had probably never been done, to have the vents cleaned. That was an all day Thursday job which required the a/c to be off. Back to a balmy 85 degrees inside the house again! I holed back up in the home office with my window a/c humming merrily and edited my book. All was well until I let Chili swim in the pool for two long and she swallowed too much water and had to pee urgently. She was locked in the office. I wasn't in the office at that moment to let her outside so she did what I suppose seemed to her to be a logical thing. She peed on the a/c guys drop cloth in front of the door to the family room. Well, the pee soaked through to the wood floor beneath and flowed like a river under and behind eight feet of filled to brimming bookcases. How many ways can I say, well, never mind, you can imagine what I said. I had to empty the bookcases, remove the shelves, move the cases, clean the floor, replace the cases, and worst of all replace and re-alphabetize the books. It was hours of work.

Today we're hanging around the house, swimming n stuff. Danny's putting together a wood file cabinet for me and an exercise bike and then he'll probably nap while I make cookies. Love week ends!


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