Friday, June 13, 2008

lots of pictures and a rat report

Some recent pix:
1. Alex (five months) in frog inner tube in Amy and Elias's pool.
2,3,4, and 5. landscaping project in progress. Some more plants in, the patio and walkways defined by white sand, and the pavers are here!
6. Laura's very mellow Pit bulls at rest.

Hey there my little bloggers. The rats are back. I noticed Ginny drooling out on the porch next to the gas grill. I opened the top and sure enough, mama rat has built another nest inside and she was curled up in there taking an afternoon siesta. She merely looked up at me like, "Excuse me, I'm napping here, please to close the lid." Not one bit afraid. I had to poke her with the broom to make her run away. TWICE. As for Ginny, she might have been wondering how to turn the grill on for rat steak.

Speaking of you know whats, I cleaned out my huge closet next to the kitchen yesterday. Took three hours and worst of all, there were rat droppings in there. Big yuck!! I threw out everything I could and scrubbed everything down that was scrubbable with strong cleaner. That was the closet where we had a rat a year ago. Obviously, I have to adopt a new firmer policy towards rats. No more Mrs Nice Gal. Rats, be gone.

Its Friday! That means dinner out at our favorito Mexican or Italiano place. Ole and Ciao.

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