Monday, June 23, 2008

Well the front is just about finished. Only some electrical work yet to do and the driveway staining. Yard looks great. Do you remember what it looked like when we began? I can hardly remember myself!

I was feeling pretty punk all day (slightly dizzy and weak), so I didn't accomplish much. A few loads of laundry, some appointment calls made, dog walking, floor cleaning, and...oh yes...I began the process of getting my poetry book to the publisher. Got bogged down on the back cover blurb and quit, but now I have to finish the whole process. I should be hearing from the editor in a couple days. No more putting off the completed book in search of the illusive last 'perfect' unwritten poem. Writing the sales pitch blurb for the cover is the hardest part for me. Danny said I should just say, "Buy the damn book or put it down!" I wish I could. All I could think of were puns and word plays like, "This poetry collection never gets ode. So a musing. It has the mark of greatness sonnet." Sigh. Oh well, writing the blurb should take my frustration focus away from home improvement lags for a few days anyway. Still waiting for laundry room estimates and flooring phone numbers and the handyman to schedule the new cabinet fronts in the kitchen. New window treatments should be in on Thursday though.

All for now. Ta.

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