Monday, June 16, 2008

Untitled for lack of a better one

Two pictures of todays landscaping efforts. We have most of the plants. We have the patio and the walkways and the pavers lining the driveway. Next I guess, they will build the pond and finish planting the jasmine and a couple more bigger plants. Lay the new sod. Whoo hoo, almost there.

We went to Sea World yesterday. It was brutally hot and rained a little but we really enjoyed the afternoon. Saw the Pets Ahoy show again which was slightly different than before but just as wonderful and visited the penguins and the Shark Encounter. At the aquarium we saw the creature pictured above. It is a type of sea horse called a Sea Dragon. Fabtastic! We saw the sea lion and walrus show, also pictured above, and finished at the Mystique show which is a sort of Sea world version of Circ. Shorter and less complicated but easy to understand and all in all, it was pretty good. It was Father's Day, so I took Danny to Bahama Breeze for an ahi tuna steak (his favorite).

Unfortunately, I got dehydrated in the heat yesterday and got sick this morning while walking Abby. I was confused, lethargic, sick to my stomach, and had chills. Could barely walk home. Spent the first half of the day drinking endless cups of water and took a nap. Felt better. You'd think I'd know better than to go over the border of dehydration after all my years in Florida and all my years of intense exercise, but...I forget.

Tomorrow I go for a 2 week eye check. Thursday, the kitchen and bath designer lady who did our bathrooms is coming out to see if she can help me create a laundry room out of the utility closet and the the 'rat' pantry closet. She knows where to call for my tile flooring in the living room, dining room, and foyer, too. Looks like the major summer projects are in full swing.

Live loong and prosper. Check my flickr photostream for some new pictures.

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