Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Questions, quotes, and a useful word

Tonight's photos: "almost there" front entry, Alex at five months (Look, Ma, I can sit on my own...for awhile...well...I can hold my head and shoulders up anyway!), Alex and Amy with short hair.

Things I wonder about:

What are dogs dreaming about when their paws move back and forth, when their noses twitch, and their tongues seem to be lapping water? What are they barking at when they woof in their sleep?

Do the daily weather caused disasters around the world mean that global warming has indeed occurred and that "The Day After Tomorrow" is coming sooner rather than later?

Is Barak Obama really sincere about anything or is he just feeding the masses the meal they crave?

Do I really see Stephen King around town occasionally or am I just feeling guilty about not writing more stories?

Will the price of gasoline ever go back to reasonable limits?

Which is better, ice cream or chocolate? Can I eat both and zip my jeans if I exercise more?

Should all lobbyists and health care and oil company CEOs be exiled to a hastily built penal colony on the moon?

If rats had furry tails would they be as cute and likable as squirrels?

Quote of the day:

"When politicians give up on liberty, it falls to poets to preserve it. Or to write its epitaph." (Stephen Saylor in The Triumph of Caesar.)

Arbitrary Word of the Day:

galimatias noun, confused and meaningless talk, gibberish;
as in No matter how they begin a speech, politicians eventually descend into galimatias.


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