Saturday, June 21, 2008

Latest photos. We're almost done with the front. Two more bushes (eugenias) to line the walk at the curb, the bouganvilla over the pergola, and the driveway staining to go. We love the pond with the rock waterfall. The dogs are confused by the pond which didn't exist last week, except for Chili, who wants to dive right in.

Word of the day: Terpsichore, noun, meaning the Greek muse of dancing and choral song. I chose the word because last evening we went to a production of an English group called Terpsichore, that combined modern dance with advanced Yoga positions. Cool production, although the ultra jazzy music accompaniment wasn't my kind of thing. I hate modern jazz. The tones are too dischordant and sharp for me. The choreography was excellent though.

Perhaps inspired by the production, we did yoga this morning after walking the dogs. My left hip hurt as usual. Now that I've turned a chronological decade that nobody wants to turn, its like somebody suddenly flipped a switch from super excellent health to aches and pains and potential problems. My eye thing, the achy hip, digestive sensitivity etc...I'm feeling the aging process for the first time. And its a real bummer. Especially for somebody like me who abjectly hates going to doctors and who can't take all the good pain medications...oh, well nuthin' do but carry on...more slowly.

Live long and prosper.

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