Sunday, July 13, 2008

Cats, a rant, and why Chinese people shouldn't eat Chili

Hey, all you feline fans out there: these are Laura's new kitties, Gus Gus and Shyla. Gus Gus is a mostly Russian Blue and Shyla is a Bengal. How bout that fluffy tail and big pawsies! Speaking of kitties, we came in tonight after walking two of our dogs, Ginny and Abby, to find a neighbor's big marmalade stripy cat sitting on one of our Bistro chairs out front on the patio enjoying the moonlight and our fountain pond. Of course the dogs wanted to give chase, but I said El Gato was welcome to stay and partake of any ratons about. Especially since our Mutley Crew has only managed to injure one of themselves in the last rat rumble!

I realized today that lately I've been mostly blogging about my daily life with occassional bits of poetry thrown in. No rants, no political commentary, no weird news stories as in past features. Guess I've grown a bit lazy and uncreative...uh...or maybe I'm just practicing the art of energy conservation. Yeah, that sounds better doesn't it?

Well, to be honest, politics isn't arousing any passion in me lately...I don't like the Republicans or the Democrats much. Mostly politics as practiced by the canidates is just plain boring. Obama chants the words change and hope a lot but heck I write words every day and frankly if I'm gonna get excited by single word slogans...well I'm not going to get excited by single word slogans. Could he be a little more specific instead of glittering generalities? Hope for what? Bringing the mortgage industry out of the toilet? Developing alternative energy to get out out from our slave to oil status? How 'bout doing something about foreign nationals owning more of American business than Americans do? What about our falling investments and tanking IRA's and the fact that health care is substandard and unaffordable? Don't prattle 'bout hope. Talk action! Change for change's sake don't mean crap either. And how pray tell can I take somebody seriously who sat and listened to the Reverand Wright for twenty frelling years? This is a Harvard educated professor who can't see through the Reverend Wright? Gee, that gives me so much confidence. Yeah, sure deal with Al Quaida Barry.

I like John McCain a little better. I don't care if he's old. Heck I'm almost old and I like me! Would take me less than five minutes to see past a nutty bigot like Reverend Wright. Somebody who survived what McCain did in Vietnam deserves my respect and admiration too. I just wish he'd act more like the political Maverick of past years. I don't agree with the war in Iraq and have no desire to see it continue, so I don't really agree with McCain's Republican view of that. I don't think he's another George Bush though. And maybe this is shallow, but I find Cindy McCain a better first lady candidate. She doesn't say she's been ashamed of America all her life like the other candidate' wife did. I get no sense of condesention from her. Bet she wouldn't have let no nutcase like Reverend Wright near her kids either.

Okay, that's the best I can do for political rant right now. As far as weird news goes, I haven't read any lately. Been reading too much boring political news I guess. I did see the bit about China taking dog meat off the menus in its restaurants though. Guess they're doing it for the Olympic crowds. As a dog person, I'm glad to see them take that progressive action. Nobody should eat a dog. Not even Chili after she's shredded my pantry doors, chewed or peed on another Oriental rug, picked another fight with Ginny and cased me to spend another night sitting up at the Emergency Vet Clinic, or overturned all the trashcans in the house. Hell, if a Chinese person ate Chili she'd probably burst out of his stomach like the lil Alien thing did in the first Aliens flick.

Finally, here's the word of the night. TRUMPERY: noun meaning trivial or useless articles, things of no value, rubbish, junk worthless nonsense, deception.

With the creation of this Blog, I have successfully demonstrated the use of trumperry. Go do something worthwhile. Why are you still reading this trumpery? Ta. Ta for now.

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Anonymous said...

"Nobody should eat a dog."

wrong, although I do not eat dog but you shouldn't be so ignorant towards another culture.

American may see dog as human's friend. In other Asian country, they are just animals that are raised and used to feed people.

Dogs are animals, why should they be treated any different? If you were raised in a poor country, you would understand this better. They are doing what they can do survive and living condition wasn't very then (in china).