Saturday, July 5, 2008

Week end update n stuff

Hidey ho bloggers,

How was your Fourth? After a hot buggy day outside hacking our way through the jungly backyard, Danny and I cleaned ourselves up and went to Laura's house where we had a feast: barbecued chicken, corn on the cob, potato salad, Deviled eggs, apple pie and ice cream, and chocolate peanut butter Rice Krispies treats. After dinner, we played with her new Bengal kitty and tried bowling, boxing, tennis, and baseball....Wii style anyway. Also played Super Mario Kart which I majorly suck at. Fun!!

On the drive home we got to see all sorts of community fireworks lighting up the sky: the Waterford Lakes, Oviedo, Winter Springs, Casselberry and Orlando ones at least...I was hanging out of the car window oohing and ahhing the entire way. It was so cool.

Today I continued hacking my way through the backyard while Danny built the pool cover roller thing. We were supposed to go to Mt Dora to visit friends and eat an Italian dinner. However, by mid day Danny was suffering from a nasty gall bladder flare up (shouldn't probably have done Mexican food on Thursday and had three desserts at Laura's in retrospect) and we had to scrub our evening out. Tomorrow, if he's up to it, we hope to see Baby Gavin (pictured above with parents).

Chili and Ginny continue to break into the pantry nearly every day. I am getting mighty tired of repainting the doors. Anybody out there have any training suggestions? (No, I won't give the dogs away). Chili is pictured above with a Mountain Dew bottle we gave her to play with. I just wish she was as well behaved as she is cute.

Looks like the laundry room project is a go. The renovations least until the money from the sale of my mothers house runs out! I got my monthly investment notice today. Sigh.

It is a tough time all right. Gasoline up enough that you don't want to travel. Or can't. The Real Estate market totally tanked, stocks plummeting, costs of everything it takes to live rising thanks to the cost of fuel. Too many people getting laid off and job hiring frozen. Hello Recession...lets hope by the election we won't already be in a Depression.

God Bless America but please, Senators, Congressmen, et all, wake up to the fact that we need to end our dependence on oil now... before we all wake up one morning and realize that we have sold our independence to the Arab world without firing a single shot. It is almost, but not quite, too late. There's still hope.

Word of the day: fraught, adjective: bearing promise or menace. Our dependence on foreign oil is fraught with disaster while developing alternative forms of energy is fraught with promise for the future.

Live long and prosper. It is my un-birthday for eleven more days.

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