Sunday, July 13, 2008

Day In The Life

Thought you'd enjoy these pictures of our sleepy dogs. After meeting friends in Mt Dora for an Italian supper, we stayed up last night until 2 a. m. for no good reason other than we weren't tired and then just as we were falling asleep around two- thirty the motion detector floodlight just outside the bedroom window ( the one without the replacement blinds) came on. I had to get up and check that nothing was amiss. Back to bed, back to drifting off and on goes the light again! I decided it must be the marmalade cat from the front yard. Most frustrating to keep having to get up and check, though.

Consequently, today was pretty much a washout as far as accomplishing much was concerned. After reading the paper, walking pooches, and watching Chili swim, we watched The Other Boleyn Girl DVD. (Good acting, great costumes, poor script.) We finally went to look at new glasses for Danny around four in the afternoon only to find the glasses store was closed. Hello, it was Sunday! Not a big business day for glasses sellers. Undaunted, we went on to browse at Pier One and Borders and decided to have a Chinese dinner at PF Changs.

I remembered just as we were filling the car with $69.00 of gasoline (!!##**++!!) after dinner that we'd forgotten to barricade the pantry doors. I expected to be met by the sight of a garbage party upon returning home but the dogs were actually good this time! Maybe 'cause Ginny got stung on the foot by a bee on our morning walk and Chili was actually tired from swimming. Or maybe just because. Poor Ginny of the swollen foot stepped on the unfortunate bee in the grass. She jumped, screamed, hopped on three legs, then rolled over on her side on the ground. She had me worried for a minute until she heard or smelled something interesting like a squirrel or cat and was up and moving again. Drama queen.

Its raining again now (third time so far today) so we can't take our evening walk. Rented 10,000 BC along with the Boleyn saga, so I guess we'll hunker down again in our post week end pig out plumpnesses and watch more DVD. Why not, I'm feeling 'mammoth' and thanks to the wet weather like I want to huddle in a cave!

Word of the day: mouflon: noun-- a wild sheep native to Sardinia or Corsica with large curling horns. This word has nothing to do with my blog but it would be a fun word to work into a conversation with someone you don't care about spending much time with.

Live long and prosper, bloggers and all herders of mouflons. May you have much wool to huddle under on cold nights and chops to fill your platters. Ciao.

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