Friday, July 11, 2008

Wall-e is out of this world

Hey there Bloggers,

Go see Wall- e.

I'm not that much into animated movies as compared to other genres of films. Oh yeah, I loved all the Disney flicks as a kid, especially (go figure) Lady and The Tramp. I took my kids to and enjoyed animated films like The Little Mermaid and Toy Story and I'll admit to a fondness for Wallace and Gromit. Generally speaking though, unless there's a kid in tow, I skip going to the theatre for animated films. Once in awhile I rent a classic one like The Polar Express or laugh at the cleverness of Shrek.

I like action films like the Bourne series. Give me lots of plot and make it happen fast. Like in The Gladiator. Or slow if its a terrific period piece with those great British actors like in Gosford Park or Elizabeth the Golden Age. I will watch any movie with Daniel Day Lewis knowing I'm in for an Oscar winning performance. I like 'feel good' overcoming impossible odds films like The Great Debators and Finding Forrester. I like super heroes and good Sci Fi and Harry Potter films and films that take place in ancient Rome or medieval Britian or Colonial America. But usually animated is sorta like cereal for breakfast instead of pancakes and bacon. I know its good but it somehow doesn't taste as good....

But, I kept hearing about how great Wall-e was so I went expecting to be mildly entertained. Surprise. I was totally absorbed by the film. Enchanted. Moved. I laughed. I almost cried. Production values were tip top in true Pixar style. Wonderful saturated colors. Good story. Good moral delivered in a painless way. Good dialogue. Or, sometimes, lack of dialogue. The animated robots acted. Conveyed emotion and communication through body language, chirps and squeaks. Who knew a garbage compactor robot could be as lovable as ET? And who knew that a cockroach could be so darned cute?

In short, I loved this movie!!! I give it four stars. Go see this movie. Wall-e is the best movie of the summer hands....uh...appendages...uh...grasping tools down!!

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LauraLeigh said...

I told you it was good! And I DID cry! Loved it too, glad you enjoyed the movie!