Thursday, July 31, 2008

new pictures and itchy bites

Some photos showing recent updates: the first three showing areas that were tiled and the last the family room with folding pine shutters at the sliding French doors. I'm enjoying having the house clean and straightened up for awhile--until the next messy project!

I'm working on dragon story edits these days and trying not to be eaten alive by mosquitoes that zoom in the door every time I open it. It seems the people renting the house that backs up to mine across Park Avenue have let the pool go swampy and it is a mosquito breeding ground. Awful!! I am a mosquito magnet.

Poor little Chili had another epileptic seizure today. I had hoped that the medication she's on would prevent the seizures, but no such luck. At least the severity has lessened.


by Nancy Wayman Deutsch

Consider the humble mosquito.

When launched, it’s a deadly torpedo.

With maneuvers quite daring,

and trajectory unerring,

it hones in on targets below.

A bite comes before you can see.

It’s so fast that you really can’t flee.

On your skin throbs an itchy red welt,

that you scratch just as soon as it’s felt.

Show respect to the lowly mosquito!

This insect may cramp your lifestyle,

as it gives you a case of West Nile.

So, before you walk out on the lawn,

get some OFF! and put lots of it on,

and beware of the mighty mosquito.

Ta. Live long and prosper.

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