Monday, July 28, 2008

Nuthin Much except a migraine

Hi Bloggers,
Well, as you can see from the first photo, the tile men are busy tiling. Today is going better than Friday did tile wise anyway! Thank goodness. It looks like we will have to sleep in the family room or library tonight since the dogs can't be loose in the tiled areas, but that's okay. I t will all be done soon enough and I think it is gonna look great.

The second photo shows The Mutley Crew apres dog park on Saturday. Tired hounds they were.

I planned to work on a short story today, but I've had a wretched weather induced headache all day ...thanks no doubt to all those swirly things in the Atlantic and Gulf of Mexico that are generating so much rain and mold as well as air pressure changes. The spray guy came over this afternoon and found...ugh...webworms in the front yard-- which accounts for why the grass isn't coming in. Little bastards are eating it. He put some nasty smelling chemicals on the yard and said it should take care of the worms. Hope so, it isn't exactly helping my headache. Neither is the fact that the tile guys are smoking in the garage. Like a shark detecting blood in the water, I can detect faint wafts of cigarette smoke hovering in the air and it always sets off my allergies. Anyhoo, I didn't get anything productive done in a literary sense. That's the way it goes. Maybe tomorrow.

We saw The Dark Knight yesterday. I thought it was too long and too dark. Heath Ledger gave a exceptionally good performance as The Joker as did the cousin of my cousin, Aaron Eckhart, as Harvey Dent. But, all in all, I liked the last Batman film, Batman Begins better. Whoo! That was a whole lot of alliteration.

That's all folks. Live long and prosper. Stay dry.

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