Thursday, July 3, 2008

I've been busy

Hi bloggers,

Sorry not to have written in a week. I've been engrossed in book edits and appointments with plumbers, designers, contractor, etc for tile and wood flooring and laundry room rehab. I got four of my five new window treatments installed yesterday and love them.

This morning, Amy and Baby Alex came over and walked with me and Abby. Afterwards, we watched Chili swim in the pool. Alex, as you can see from the pictures above is a big boy! The dogs were very well behaved with the baby. Ginny was careful and calm. Abby, being half Rottweiler, was very protective on our walk. She paced her stride to the stroller and made sure she was physically between Alex and any strangers. Rotts rock!!

My time is short, so I'll be brief. baby Gavin is a week old today. All is well with him and his Mommy and Daddy.

No crises here. Chili got out of the yard today and fortunately, our intrepid handyman Shawn was on the roof. He saw her strolling down one of the neighbors drives, got off the roof, called her, and put her in the garage. Then he called me on the cell and said," The dingo got out and I put her inside. " Our hero! I think she slipped outside with the maid.

Tonight, were meeting our friend Karen for Mexican food. Tomorrow, a cook out for the Fourth at Laura's. Saturday evening we're off to Mt Dora to see friends and their almost completed new house. Sunday...who knows...adventure may beckon. Or a movie. We'll see.

Have a great week end. Stay safe, too. Ta

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