Thursday, May 22, 2008

Agility in the rain, house changes n stuff

Ginny and Danny had their last agility class tonight before summer break. I took lots of action shots, but it was raining and I was balancing an umbrella as well as the camera and I guess my hand shook just enough to make them blurry. So here are a couple of non action moments. Also a picture of Ginny and Chili snoozing on the sofa together.

Chili got her stitches and hat off today. We're all happier for it.

I'm so excited. Since my house is definitely lacking in curb appeal, as you can see from the photo taken back in '07 when it was for sale, I'm going to have some significant landscaping work done in the front of the house. Gonna have all the overgrown bushes and plants that hide all the front windows removed as well as those from the area outside the living room bay window. Move the three big sago palms to the side of the yard by the street and the little magnolia tree from the middle of the yard. Move the azaleas to the side as well. Redesign the walkway to the driveway and add one to the street in front of the house. Build a patio between the front door and the garage. All walkways and patio will be done in brick pavers. Put in lots of lower profile plants, ground cover of jasmine, crotons, and several boxwood type ornamentals. Three or four fantail plam trees. And best of all, a pergola "porch" with bouganvilla in front of the front entryway that will also span the patio. We're also going to add 'a water feature' ( area tbd) and maybe a pull over area for a car next to the garage. The front door is blue now and we're going to get some big blue and white pots for the patio. I think its going to be a big improvement! If all goes well, the work will start next week.

And thus do the second round of updates and redos begin!

All for now. Live long and prosper.

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