Sunday, May 18, 2008

Week end Update n stuff

Some fun photos to start: 1 and 2 from Stephen and Casey's recent baby shower in Lakeland. 3 Chili and Abby in a cuddly moment. 4. Danny's niece, Lexi Thompson looking very comfortable in an odd position apres theme parking during her visit last month. 5. Laura's dog, Cody, in snorkle gear.

Hidy Ho, Bloggers,

Danny and I just returned from Ikea, that wonderous bastion of Swedish merchandise and home of a darn good Swedish meatball and mashed potato dinner. We actually set out to see an exhibition of Norman Rockwell paintings at the Orlando Museum of Art, but I'd forgotten it was Fringe Festival week and there was no parking in the lots the museum shares with the Civic Theatre and the Shakespeare Theatre. So, what's a girl n guy to do but head to Milennia Mall Land...actually Danny was all but drooling at the idea of Ikea's meatballs from three o'clock on so we didn't even go into the mall proper to our usual required stops such as the Apple Store and Yankee Candles. Whenever I go to Ikea I wish I needed furniture. Their stuff is just so darn cool. But, I enjoyed the displays, ate, and bought some Swedish food in the grocery section. Fun!

Moving backwards through time, yesterday on Saturday, Danny spent most of the day installing networks and computers (from his Free Geek organization) at a school for autistic children in Oviedo. I took pictures with my new pink digital camera, then came home to clean my house. It needed cleaning.

Friday, after work, we ate Mexican and looked at tile for my new flooring.

Earlier that day, I finally got the letter from the lawyer stating that Mother's estate was settled. It was a year to the day that she died. Coincidental or just weird? You decide. Now, I have to try to get a half dozen or so of her remaining stocks transferred into my name ( a gargantuan task in the Land of Confusopoly), attempt one more time to get her life insurance policy, and do a few other last tie up things. Since Danny can't take the time off from his new job to do our planned road trip to Pennsylvania this summer, it looks like I will have to do a quick fly up trip with Mom's ashes.

I hate to fly commercially. I always did, even before 9-11 when air travel was much more pleasant and probably safer. Guess I got really spoiled back in the day when we had our family airplane. Just grab your purse, get in the plane and go straight where you wanted to go was pretty rockin'. Plus, I knew I had an excellent pilot and a very well maintained plane. These days, well you know just how horrible flying is. Bad service, bad prices, bad employee attitude from the airlines, long waits, and the increased security crap. Yuck.

Oh well, one commercial flight in a dozen years can't be that bad can it? Don't answer. Anyway, Amy and hopefully Laura will go with me. For a week end maybe in early fall. Our guys can stay home and look after all the dogs and Baby Alex.

As it turned out, I don't have to report for jury duty tomorrow, but I do have to call the juror number tomorrow to find out about Tuesday. Everybody, pray for me that I don't have to serve. I'm really so anxious to get started on the next round of house renovations and get my book ready for print. Don't need no two weeks of wasted time sitting around a courthouse. Okay, okay, maybe that's a bad attitude. I don't care. That's why they call it DUTY. Cause don't nobody want to do it, that's why!

Chili is finally mending. I had to take her back to the vet on Thursday. Her stomach was badly abscessed and the vet had to put in a drain for the infection. But, she's doing better now.

Well, that's all the news my way that's fit to print. Live long and prosper.

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