Saturday, May 24, 2008

He's baack!

Thank goodness, Indy's back. He's two decades older, and has a lot more mileage on him, but he still has that great rascal smile. He can still crack a bull whip, outsmart and out quip the baddies, take and give a punch or three...and he takes us on the sort of wild wonderful ride we've missed since Raiders, Temple of Doom, and Last Crusade. In his new adventure, it is the late nineteen fifties and the bad guys are the Reds instead of the Nazis but never fear: there are car chases and motorcycle chases, boat chases, creepy bugs, snakes, quicksand, jungle ruins, an impossible quest and this time an atomic explosion...and yes, the 'truth' about area 51 and the little gray men. Watch for a quick glimpse of the Ark of The Covenant early in the movie.

Indy's got some help this time from sidekicks John Hurt as a 'is he or is he not mad' professor pal with the key to the mystery and Shia LeBoeff as the cocky Mutt Williams who turns out to heck I'm not going to tell you. But be sure Mutt can throw a punch, wield a knife and fence, and swing through the trees Tarzan style, keeping up with the Jones all the way.

Cate Blanchett does a dandy turn as Indy's Russian nemesis but, best of all, we have Karen Allen back as Marion Ravenwood. Marion has a secret, too, but I'm not telling.

Good idea, George and Steven, to bring Marion back in the picture. S'bout time. I give the film 4 stars for rollicking fun. Don't miss it. Pointer though. Don't get one of those giant drinks at the concession stand. You won't want to miss a minute of the adventure racing to the restroom.

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