Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Chili in Elizabethan Costume with Ode

Yes, Chili is once more wearing her e-collar hat. As you might imagine, it's getting pretty battered by this time. The constant cost of patching her up is beginning to seem like the Donald dealing with an ex wife. $$

I had to take her to the vet ( again) this morning since her sutured rat rumble wounds are real red and swollen on one side of her abdomen. Infected, apparently. So, she's now on double mega antibiotics as well as medicine for pain and swelling. And, the anti seizure medicine. You'd think she'd be sleepy. She isn't. All she wants to do is lick the sutures and scratch the itch.

Despite her physical misery though, she tried to' take out' a female Scottish Terrier in the vet's reception area. Wasn't interested in the parrot, ferret, three cats, or meek spaniel but the Scotty had the temerity to bark at her. Chili roared, lunged, then backed out of the e-collar and leash and I had to grab her and put her on my lap and hold tight. That's our Chili. Dumpster diving diva, busted hip acrobat, epileptic, obsessive/compulsive ball chaser, food fanatic, barky and bad to the bone.

I posted this poem once before a long time ago, but it seems appropriate again.

Australian Cattle Dog

by Nancy Wayman Deutsch

Bouncy, busy and bad to the bone

a foxy, fervent, split atom dog

quick-silver whirlwind, chaos personified

dust devil, whirling dervish

dingo spawned hell-dog

no rules, just right mate

one speed fits all at warp four

boldly going where no dog has gone before.

Live long and prosper.

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