Sunday, May 4, 2008

Dog Parkin' n stuff

Yes!! Back to real week ends again! No house staging. No house clean outs. No packin' up. No sortin', no discardin', no savin' stuff...and apparently a dearth of 'g's too. A Saturday afternoon movie. Sunday morning at the dog park and Sunday supper with Laura and her guy. The Mutley Crew (aka The Salt and Pepper Gang) was soo excited when I said those glorious sentences: "Wanna go for a car ride" and "Wanna go to the dog park?" We haven't been able to go for months.

For those of you deprived of the blessing of dog company, the dog park is the canine equivalent of Disney World and Islands of Adventure. Today was sunny and warm and there were hundreds of wet, dirty, smelly, panting dogs running to and fro after tennis balls and each other, crashing into the lake, reading Pee mail and smellin' butts. The music of bark filled the air. It must have been 'reduced admission' for Great Danes and Labs and Akitas today. You never know what breeds will predominate when you go.

Our three girls ran the wilderness trail twice and crashed into the lake multiple times. Chili fetched a tennis ball from the water until she couldn't swim anymore. She revived for a quick game of herd and intimidate the annoying yapping poodle. Ginny made friends with another 'hoola named Jax.

The park restored my sense of harshened mellow. 'Bout time.

Whenever I walk the woods with my dogs running the trail ahead it takes me back to my days in the Pennsylvania woods with my childhood dog, Lady. Always a good feeling.

This week I have to deal with a little more Estate business but am looking forward to the end of year theatre guild luncheon and an evening party on Tuesday and Amy's graduation party on Friday. Saturday, our little Amy, now a grown up married lady and new mama, will walk across the stage in cap and gown!! Life is looking rosy again. I don't even dread jury duty....not too much anyway. Can't wait to get the tile for my living, dining rooms and foyer and rip out all the old damaged and dull hardwood floors! Summertime's almost here and the livin' is good again.

Our good friend and co author of Florida Shorts, Karen EcEnany Phillips, has an article in today's Sunday Sentinel paper on the first page of the local and state section...complete with byline and photo credits. Karen also writes the Stetson's Corner column published regularly in the Sanford Herald and Oviedo Voice. Congrats, Karen!!

Live long and prosper. Hug your dog. If you don't have a dog, I can't help you.

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