Monday, May 12, 2008

Chili's down again but not out

I meant to do a blog about Mother's Day yesterday, but I was too tired. Here's why: Saturday evening around eleven thirty, just as we were watching the Cloverfield monster destroy Manhatten on DVD, our rats came back to the pool area. Remember the rattus rattus clan who took up residence in my rarely used gas grill? Well, as you may recall, I chased them away but didn't kill them. They were apparently nesting in the wild part of our backyard and I guess I disturbed them while gardening the other day. While ole Cloverfield Godzilla was flattening the young and upwardly mobile cell phone camera wielding New Yorkers, they decided to make a break for it through the hole they previously chewed in my pool screen and head back to the old grill hacienda. The dogs, who had been expecting the gambit for an hour or two and who were laying in wait poolside, went crazy. Somehow Chili ended up on her back in the middle of the dog/rat rumble and got her tummy ripped open--probably by the other dogs' claws while they were trying to get at the rats.

There was nothing for it...she had two deep cuts that obviously required stitches...we had to suck it up and head over to the Emergency Vet Clinic. Again. We got there at midnight. The place was full. Three hours later we saw the vet who said Chili would have to have anesthesia and stay till morning. We dragged our tired bodies home. It was three am. I went to bed. Danny watched some more of Cloverfield. He picked up Chili at eight on Sunday morning. Only $450.00 dollars this time.

We abandoned any plans for dog parking, or museum going to nap off and on all day Sunday. Still tired at dinner time, we went out for Mexican at Amigos none the less

Chili does not like wearing her e-collar again. And, oh, the rats got away.

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