Thursday, May 8, 2008

Brief Update

Hello my little bloggers...its been a busy week! On Monday which already seems like a long time ago, I spent the morning walking dogs and on 'business' stuff and then, ran errands and shopped for Mothers Day and Amy's graduation. I do remember thinking how great it was not to have to be cleaning out and packing up and moving Mother's household goods. Back to having a 'real' life again! Tuesday, I finally got to clean up Danny's computer work station after...well after a long long time. Then I went to the end of the year luncheon and mtg. of the ART Guild and to another fun party that evening thrown by our dual WP/Colorado friends before they return to Durango for the summer.

Wednesday, I spent about six hours out in the hot sun and humidity, in the smelly dirt, and dodging nasty bugs while hacking my way through my backyard jungle. Raked krazillions of leaves, too. I found a dandy wickedly sharp set of pruning things at my parents carport storage area that will cut anything! Tree limbs, palmettos, you name it. Chop. Chop. I really went to town on the plants! Our dandy handyman, Shawn, put together a storage shed for the side yard. Yard man Willie trimmed trees hanging over the house roof, trimmed sagos, cut down dead stuff, etc. I was tired and disgustingly dirty and sore, but it felt good to battle the yard and win.

Today, I paid off my mortgage with some of the proceeds of the sale of Mother's house!! Yes, I am now, and hope to be forever, mortgage free. Thanks to Mother, I was able to pay it off ten years early. I ate a chocolate frosted chocolate cake donut to celebrate.

After dinner, took Ginny to agility class. Tonight the trainers set up an actual course for the dogs to run. It was funny: the dogs all know the individual things like a- frame, tunnel, jump, dogwalk, weave poles, etc, but they got so confused by the order on the course that they either shut down and just stood still or ran around the field in crazy circles. One dog just kept going on the dog walk over and over. Ginny favored the tunnel.

Well, that was my week. Tomorrow, we get to go to Amy's Graduation dinner party and graduation at Rollins College's fieldhouse early Saturday morning. We are so proud of Amy.

Live long and prosper.

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