Wednesday, May 28, 2008

A memorable memorial week end

Hey Bloggers,
We had a banger-rang four day week end. That's my way of saying terrific. The pictures above are from our Sea World visit. We got yearly passes. I'd not been to the park for years and found it prettier, cleaner, and bigger than I remembered. Activating passes was quick and easy, staff was friendly and peppier than Disney folks. We went to all the animal stuff: the penguin encounter, shark encounter, Wild Arctic, dolphin feeding area and nursery, manatee rescue area, etc. Saw the whale and dolphin show, which was funny as one of the whales escaped from a holding tank about 2/3 through the show and wouldn't listen to the trainers and go back. They had to stop the show. Couldn't put the people in the water or the dolphins. The misbehaving whale was almost better than the rest of the show, which had acrobats and diving and some silly story about a princess in a pink wet suit. The best thing we saw was the Pets Ahoy show which was amazing and featured dozens of dogs and trained cats (!!), a rat, potbellied pig and a skunk. That one is a must see each time we visit the park!

Aside from Sea World, we saw the Indianna Jones movie (already talked bout that), had several good dinners out, napped, slept in, went to the mall and hung out, took the Mutley Crew to the dog park, and had tons of ice cream. Fun!!

I will post dog park pictures and in progress landscaping picture tomorrow.

Live long and prosper.

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