Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Jury Duty and Jigs

No jury duty!! No jury duty!! I had to call from home on Friday last to see if I had to report Monday, then again on Monday regarding Tuesday, and again on Tuesday for Wednesday. Each day the message line said, do not report tomorrow but call again next day. I was on call for two weeks. Finally, the message said, do not report, do not call again, you are excused. I did a silly Irish jig complete with clapping all through the house and confused the dogs.

It was inconvenient not being able to make appointments in advance for things, but the new way of calling from home sure beats the old way of sitting around at the courthouse for days, wasting time and twiddling thumbs and being bored waiting for Godot. So, today I made two long overdue medical appointments, called a window treatment place, called a landscaper, and a tile man. Emailed the handyman. I'm so glad to be able to start the house renovation projects again. Enjoy Memorial Day. Maybe go to Sea World or see the new Indy movie. Work on my manuscript n stuff. I feel so free to get back to my own life, which I haven't felt since just after Christmas when I had to spend all my time dealing with Mom's estate and house thing.

I went to see Amy and Baby Alex this afternoon, then to an art festival board meeting. Chili gets her stitches out tomorrow and we have Ginny's last dog agility class before summer hiatus.

Life looks good again. I may even have time for a lunch or two with friends. I may do another jig.

Sleep tight, don't let the bedbugs bite.

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